Monthly Archives: October 2013

An Invitation to a New Blog

About a month ago I sent out word that I would be ending Carolyn’s Southwest Kitchen and beginning a new blog with some friends who have been my teachers and inspiration for years.  It took a while to pull it together — we are gardeners, foragers, teachers and in one case a raiser of bees, chickens and cattle — not web designers.  But we perservered and Savor the Southwest: Forage, Raise, Cook was born.  That seems to cover gathering edible wild plants, gardening, raising bees, chickens and cattle, and turning it all into supper.

I’m excited for you to meet my fellow bloggers.  Some of you may already know one of them or have taken a class where she inspired you to learn something new about Southwest food.

I’m sorry that this platform doesn’t allow me to transfer all of you who have so faithfully followed me through spring greens and summer cactus and autumn mesquite pods over the last two years.  So if I’ve sufficently intrigued you, please click over here and sign up to follow the new blog.  We need you to join the conversation.

See you over at Savor the Southwest!